Wall of Misconception (paperback)
In Wall of Misconception, Dr. Peter A. Lillback examines our nation's historic understanding of and the founding fathers' intention in the relationship of our Constitution to matters of faith, ethics, and morals, taking into account the historical and biblical context as well as the concept's relation to today's culture. This is both the layman's and professional's definitive guide to the separation of church and state and indeed, the separation of God and government. 

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If You Can Keep It
#1 New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas delivers an extraordinary book that is part history and part rousing call to arms, steeped in a critical analysis of our founding fathers' original intentions for America.

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DVD - The Christian Heritage of America
A live, visual presentation with documented quotes from America’s Framers and Presidents, along with pictures of quotations and Scripture references etched into our national monuments, demonstrating that the modern interpretation of the “wall of separation between church and state” was a foreign concept until recent history.

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Lessons on Liberty
Designed for all ages and packed with colorful illustrations, this entertaining and educational hardcover book uses a simple alphabet poem to guide the reader through the fundamental principles of American liberty. Included also are activity pages to further teach young scholars with a hands-on approach – perforated for easy tear-out, these pages may be reproduced on a copier for group use. 

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Against the Tide
Young people are surrounded by media militantly attacking biblical virtue and values. The goal of Christian education is still to "present every man perfect in Christ," but postmodernism declares that there is no one right way to live. Against the Tide calls the Christian education movement back to its mission. The ideas offered in this book are thoroughly practical. The authors have effectively implemented these principles in their Christian schools. 

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